Thursday, September 06, 2018

The Reactionary Anthem

Put that man back in his place!
Put that woman back in the kitchen!
Put tape over the child's mouth and dress him up for display!
Put those ideas in the rubbish!
Put your mentality with everyone else!
Put the Blacks back to Africa!
Put the Latinos back on the boats!
Put the bleeding hearts in the morgue!
Put the socialists back in Russia!
Put all the Serbs in the graves!
Put the musicians in jail!
Put their recordings on the bonfire!
Put the foreigners on the moon!
Put public housing on the auction block!
Put the public schools under religious control!
Put all the trains in the junkyard!
Put cameras on every street corner!
Put TVs in every home!
Put adverts on every wall!
Put that away!
Put everything away!
-Der Kosmonaut

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