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George H.W. Bush: White Supremacist, War Criminal, International Drug Mafia Boss, Misogynist, Neoliberal, Gangster, Thug and The Man Who Paved The Road To Trump

By Der Kosmonaut
5 December 2018
  The history of Western politics is littered with a veritable rogues gallery. From Caligula and Nero in Ancient Rome to Ivan The Terrible. There's Oliver Cromwell, the first and only dictator of the British Isles. The 20th century provided the most heinous and brutal dictatorships. Still of all of the "democratic" politicians of the past century, only two scoundrels stand out above the rest. Winston Churchill and George H.W. Bush.

  Nothing shows the rottenness of contemporary mass media and the bankruptcy of American politics than the despicable tributes and praise to George H.W. Bush who passed on 1 December 2018 at the age of 94. The most sickening tribute came from the two most prominent members of the U.S. Senate: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. One of the things that most perplexes me of all about simians on Earth, is the notion that the dead must be respected and revered. It is considered "immoral" to insult the dead. It doesn't matter how wretched the individual was in their life, one, we are told, must respect their life. Afterall, life is sacred and precious. It is said that to show disrespect for the dead is not only wrong but it brings "bad karma" upon those that express their disdain for the deceased.
  I call Bullshit. George H.W. Bush was the most rotten American politician since Andrew Jackson. There wasn't one single positive benefit that Bush brought to the world or society as a whole. Since I am not from this planet, I am not obliged legally or morally to offer any condolences nor regrets. I will not express sorrow neither to Bush nor to his family. Finally since Bush was a nasty, dirty low life who lacked a millimeter of class and decency, I am honor bound to treat him as the dirtbag that he was. I will not mince words and I will flush diplomacy down the toilet. This essay is nothing more than a roll of toilet paper to wipe the shit that Bush was off the asshole of his life and flush it down the toilet where it belongs. I will not even give Bush the honor of calling him the shit beneath my boots.
  There isn't enough time in the world or enough Gigabytes of data to give a full accounting for all of the crimes and treachery committed by Bush. Indeed, they are so numerous and clandestine, that it will take decades if not centuries before the complete depth of Bush will ever be known. It can safely be said that History will not be kind to Bush. This article will simply highlight what I know that's on the public record. Undoubtedly, Bush has conveniently buried and burned all the skeletons and has ensured that those that know the rest, can never tell.

White Supremacist
  There is no question about Bush's White Supremacy. Indeed his entire political career was built on it. Bush first ran for public office in 1964 for U.S. Senator in Texas. That was year that the Civil Rights Act was passed. Bush ran his unsuccessful campaign against civil rights by arguing that it was an inherent violation of freedom. That is, the Civil Rights Act violated the freedom of whites to discriminate. Just imagine a politician running today against rape and sexual assault laws based on the right of men to rape women (and other men).
  His white supremacy was the reason that Reagan selected Bush to be Vice-President. It's beyond to scope of this essay to innumerate Reagan's racism from his campaigning at a white supremacist festival in Mississippi, to his vehement opposition to a national holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to his defense of Apartheid South Africa. 
  It was white supremacy that elected Bush as president in 1988. In the now infamous Willie Horton TV ads, the message was unmistakable. Elect the Democrats and Black men will rape and kill white women. Bush's blatant and open white supremacy opened the door for Ku Klux Klansmen such as David Duke to join the Republican Party. In 1991 Duke ran for Governor of the State of Louisiana winning nearly 40% of the vote. Buoyed by his success Duke decided to directly challenge Bush for the Republican party nomination in 1992. 
  It wasn't only the KKK that was that was encouraged by Bush. Pat Buchanan the white supremacist fascist xenophobe also challenged Bush directly for the Republican Party nomination in 1992. Suddenly Bush was confronted and challenged by more ardent white supremacists than he. The Republican National Convention at Houston, Texas in 1992 was a reincarnation of the Nurnberg Rallies.
  Bush was ultimately brought down politically by the entry of another racist independent billionaire from Texas by the name of Ron Perot who famously referred to his Black audience as "you peoples". Ultimately it was Bush that transformed the Republican Party into the party of White Supremacy and Fascism.
  While police brutality against Black people has existed since the founding of the American Republic, there was a marked rise in police violence. In 1991, in the middle of Bush's presidency, a video taped surfaced of Los Angeles police brutally beating Rodney King. That a Black person was brutalized by the police wasn't an earth shattering revelation. What was shocking was how the cops beat King openly in public on the streets. Bush's white supremacy enabled and emboldened racists everywhere to have a go at Blacks. The acquittal of the police officers that beat Rodney King by an all white jury in a region where Ronald Reagan lived caused the riots in L.A. that year.
  This is the reason why Black people at the time believed that they were facing an existential threat of extermination. By 1992 practically every Black youth believed that Bush was a Klansman and/or Nazi. The rapper Sistah Souljah was convinced that Bush's reelection as president would lead to the re-establishment of slavery in the United States. Neither Bush nor the Republican Party gave any reason to doubt suspicions. In fact both Bush and party seemed more than eager to reinforce that impression.
  Bush's white supremacist agenda didn't end when he was voted out of office. In 2000 he orchestrated a classic CIA rigging of the election using two of his sons. Then Florida Governor Jeb Bush physically prevented Blacks from voting on Election Day. Blacks that did manage to actually vote, had their ballots thrown out and destroyed. This was how George W. Bush stole the election.
  Still, this is nothing compared to the most sinister policy of Bush's white supremacy. Between 1979 to 1981 more than 30 Black children were systematically murdered in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. One of the first acts of Ronald Reagan as president was to appoint his vice president Bush to oversee the investigation of the murders. This was and remains not only unprecedented by very strange. In almost no country, even in totalitarian dictatorships, does the executive government get involved in police investigations, let alone murder cases. It was the first and only time in U.S. that the White House got involved in a local police murder investigation. As I will illustrate further below, the appointment of Bush to oversee the investigation points to evidence that the systematic and organized murder of Black children in Atlanta has its source in the highest echelons of the American state.
  In the case of the Atlanta Child Murders, the only suspect was a Black man Wayne B. Williams. However the Atlanta Police, the Georgia State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI believed that there was insufficient evidence to charge Williams. When the investigators on the ground reported this to Bush, he ordered them to arrest Williams and press murder charges against him. This was the first and as far as I have been able to determine, the only time that a sitting Vice President ordered the police to have anyone arrested and charged. In other words the White House overruled the police and the prosecutors to order the arrest of someone, that even the state didn't have enough evidence. This begs the question why? Why did Bush order the arrest of Williams? According to the excellent investigative podcast: Atlanta Monster, Williams was an asset of the CIA. In the podcast Williams claims that he received training by the CIA in the mid 1970s. Who was CIA director from 1975 to 1976? George H.W. Bush. To this day, the child murders have not been solved. Williams was convicted for the murder of two adults on very flimsy evidence. Most Black Atlantans to this day believe that the murders were planned and executed by the KKK. The jury's still out of what really occurred. The point is that George H.W. Bush covered up the murders of more than two dozen Black children in Atlanta. In my opinion this is the most damning evidence of Bush's violent white supremacy. But more on that below.

War Criminal

  Today only the most ignorant and clueless are not aware that the first Gulf War of 1991 was not only a fraud but it was a war for oil. Before entering politics, Bush was in the oil business. He orchestrated the first Gulf War to personally profit and enrich himself. However, there are lesser known war crimes that he committed that were in many ways worse than his adventure in Iraq and Kuwait.

Operation Condor

  Operation Condor was instigated in 1975, the year that Bush became CIA director. It was an operation by the right wing and fascist military dictatorships of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay with funding and logistical support by the CIA. During Operation Condor thousands of left wing citizens and those that were critical of the regimes were arrested, imprisoned, tortured, murdered and disappeared. Operation Condor was not limited to South America. Dissidents that had fled to the United States and Europe were tracked, hunted down and killed by the secret police of the regimes with the assistance and backing of the CIA. It continued in the 1980s when Bush was Vice President and included the right wing death squads in Central America. Operation Condor didn't end until 1991-92 when Bush was President. Bush was and remained close friends with Augusto Pinochet, the fascist dictator of Chile.


  In 1979 Maurice Bishop was elected Prime Minister of the tiny impoverished island nation of Grenada. Bishop was a Marxist politician that wanted to modernize his country in order to break the dependency of North American and European capital. Within a couple of years of being elected Bishop and his People's Revolutionary Government has greatly improved conditions for the mostly Black population. When Bishop enlisted the help of Fidel Castro's Cuba to build a modern airport, Reagan and Bush ordered the U.S. Marines to invade Grenada. Before the invasion, the CIA and U.S. State Department organized a coup d'etat that resulted in the murder of of Bishop and hundreds of of members of his party was imprisoned and tortured.

  While the war crimes listed above were Bush's deeds in the service of U.S. imperialism and transnational corporations, the following wars, like Iraq were committed mostly for his own personal profit which will be described the following section: Nicaragua, El Salvador and Panama.

International Drug Mafia Boss

  What George H.W. Bush will be most noted for by future historians is being the single biggest international drug dealer in world history. Historians will take note that that his biggest domestic policy initiative was the invention and distribution of Crack Cocaine. This is intimately connected to his white supremacy. The primary purpose of crack was a policy of genocide directed mostly at the Black U.S. population with Hispanics being the secondary targets and whites being the collateral damage. There can be no doubt that the invention and distribution of Crack Cocaine to the inner city Black districts of the United States was a deliberate policy of the government to not only socially devastate the Black population but to ensure that there would be no repeat of revolutionary political activity by Blacks for at least two to three generations. This is by far Bush's greatest political success. It's his most lasting social and political legacy.

A Brief Overview of The Relationship Between Narcotics and the CIA

  It is publicly known that the CIA started getting into the heroin business during the Vietnam War. Like the Opium War of the 19th Century, the U.S. war in Southeast Asia was about cultivating heroin and selling it. By the end of the 1960s the CIA was stuffing the body bags of dead U.S. soldiers with heroin and smuggling vast quantities back to the United States. The reason that the CIA got into the drug business was simply as a way to finance its various secret operations. Ostensibly the CIA is under the jurisdiction and oversight of the United States Congress, which sets and approves the ann ual budget for the Agency. Because of this, the CIA can't go before Congress under oath and state that they need financing to organize coup d'etats, install right wing and fascist dictatorships, set up right wing death squads, build clandestine torture chambers. So the CIA needed unofficial and hence illegal means to finance its nefarious operations. Thus the need to get into the illicit drug market. However things changed when Bush became director. For Bush the drug trade was simply another lucrative way to make a profit and enrich himself. Under the directorship of Bush and later his vice presidency and presidency, the CIA was transformed into the single largest producer and distributer of narcotics in the world.

 Nicaragua, El Salvador and Iran-Contra

  Far from being a "national hero" Bush should've been indicted and tried for treason and high crimes for his role in Central America and the Iran-Contra affair. In 1979 the Sandinista Party of Daniel Ortega was democratically elected in Nicaragua. The Sandinistas were not particularly radical. They had a agenda of popular democracy, land and agricultural reform and nationalizations of certain sectors of the economy. It was hardly a Bolshevik revolution. However, the property of American corporations were expropriated. This was the cardinal sin. While the administration of President Jimmy Carter was hardly pleased with developments, it was distracted by upheavals in the Middle East. The Carter administration was most vexed about the Iranian Revolution and the storming of the U.S. Embassy and the taking of American hostages. At the same time, the Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan. Carter's rapid anti-Russian Polish reationary National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski focused the administration's attention in the Middle East.
  It's well known that Reagan secretly negotiated with the revolutionary Iranian regime to release the American hostages after Carter was defeated. However, Reagan wouldn't leave it at that. He wanted to overthrow the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. Bush saw another opportunity to profit. Before the Reagan-Bush administration took office, the U.S. Congress passed laws designating Iran as an enemy of the country and imposed severe economic sanctions, which are still in effect to this day.
  It's important to understand that Ronald Reagan was a puppet. He had already showed signs of dementia during his first term. Bush was the real puppet master. The administration violated the law by selling Iran arms in exchange for the release of the American hostages. The money made from this sale went to the CIA to finance the so-called Contras. 
  At first the administration tried to finance reactionary forces within Nicaragua to overthrown the Sandinista government. However the government was able to repel them. So the administration turned to neighboring El Salvador. The Contras were right wing paramilitary death squad. Many of the soldiers and commanders were trained at the military academy at the time known as the School of The Americas. Initially the Contras were sent to Nicaragua. When El Salvador elected a left wing government, the administration quickly directed the Contras to nullify the election.
  Officially and ostensibly the Contras were "freedom fighters" to defeat the "communists". Unofficially and in reality the Contras were death squads who led a reign of terror against civilians. It proved to be harder to overthrow the Sandinista government mostly because of its broad and deep popular support. Hence the reason for the terror. The funds gained from illegally selling arms to Iran quickly ran out. The U.S. Congress under the control of the Democratic Party at the time was not going to increase funding. So Bush via the CIA directed the Contras to produce cocaine to finance the covert war. In El Salvador the Contras not only destroyed the lands and crops belonging to the farmers who mostly grew fruits and vegetables. The Contras forced the farmers to start growing Cocoa. Farmers refused because there was no money in it for them. Those that refused were killed. Men were forced to watch their mothers, sisters, daughters and wives raped by the Contras. If they still refused, they were tortured and executed. The Contras then collected the Cocoa harvest as tribute and went on to produce cocaine.
  Then Bush decided to personally profit. It wasn't enough for cocaine to finance the Contras. It was better to have cocaine refined and cut with toxic chemicals. The result was Crack. Using a network of Central American and Mexican drug cartels and governments, Crack was manufactured and then shipped north to the United States. This was not only done with the knowledge and consent of the CIA and White House but the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) was ordered by the White House to turn a blind eye. Bush's extensive personal connections to all the presidents of Central America are well documented. 
  To be sure, Bush was clever enough to keep enough personal distance. Army Lt. Oliver North was the fall guy. It beggars belief that Bush as Vice President and de-facto head of the CIA wasn't aware that North was running an arms and drug racket from the basement of the White House. 

  Panama provides the evidence that would convict Bush in an Anglo-Saxon court of law of being the drug kingpin. Of all the leaders of Central America Bush was the closest personally to Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. As vice president and later as president Bush met with Noriega more than any other head of state or government. Noriega was a frequent and welcomed guest at the White House.
  Panama is the site of the eponymous canal, itself the result of American imperialist skulduggery. Before the rise of capitalist China the Panama Canal was the most important and strategic waterway in the world connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Until 1999 the canal was not only owned by the United States but the 5 miles (8KM) of land on both sides of the canal was U.S. territory. 
  All of the cocaine from Colombia as well as heroin from Asia was shipped through the Panama Canal. In short, the canal was a narcotics trade and transit zone.
  Manuel Noriega was a dime a dozen military dictator since most of the countries of Latin America were military dictatorships until the 1980s. He and Bush had a falling out. Depending on which source one reads, either Bush forced Noriega to take a reduction in his cut from the coke trade or Noriega demanded a higher cut and Bush refused. Either way, this was a falling out between two drug dealing gangsters. Noriega threatened that he would expose Bush as personally profiting and being the head drug kingpin. Bush responded by ordering his U.S. Attorney indict Noriega for drug trafficking. Noriega defied Bush because he reasonably believed that he was out of American jurisdiction. Even if he were indicted and tried in absentia, he would be out of reach from American authorities. He seriously miscalculated.
  Bush had too much to lose. Not only were millions of dollars at stake but so was Bush's presidency, his reputation and personal liberty. He was going to teach the Spic a lesson. The U.S. Army Airborne and U.S. Marines were dispatched to Panama. Not only was this an illegal war of aggression but tens of thousands of civilians were murdered during the invasion. 
  Noriega realized that he was finished. As a precaution he had a full tanker ship loaded with tons of cocaine. Once he saw U.S. fighter jets circling the skies, he ordered the tanker to set sail directly to Miami. Noriega was arrested by the U.S. Military and brought to the U.S. to face trial.
  Within a month of Noriega's capture, the U.S. DEA made the largest narcotics seizure in history at the time. Tons of cocaine were intercepted. The captain was under orders to get caught. The coke was sealed in plastic bags with the word BUSH written on each one of them. Even the supine U.S. media asked the obvious question. Did the cocaine have anything to do with the president? The DEA assured the media and the country that BUSH on each bag was simply a coincidence and had nothing to do with the president.

Direct Evidence Between Crack and the Bush White House

  The hypocrisy and lies of that low down and dirty scumbag Bush is epitomized by an incident a couple of months before the invasion of Panama. The White House deliberately planted vials of Crack on benches in Lafayette Park which lies directly across the street. In one of the most criminal abuse of power and corruption in the history of the United States, the Bush White House not only placed Crack on benches in a public park but had undercover police agents lurking about. Unsurprisingly people that went into the park picked up the crack vials. As soon as they were picked up, the undercover Narcs swept in and arrested them. Bush promptly held a news conference to express his anger and dismay at the fact that Crack was available right across the street from the White House. If the previous examples were circumstantial and a competent legal defense could exonerate Bush, this cannot. If the Bush deliberately planted Crack across the street from the White House, how can anyone deny that he planted Crack all across the country?


  Just as not all racists are white supremacists, not all sexists are misogynist. Bush's abject contempt and hatred was first revealed after the 1984 Vice Presidential debate that he held against the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro, who was the first and to date the only woman to ever be nominated as Vice President for a major political party in the United States. Bush was recorded on camera and on live microphones when he was asked by journalists how he felt about the debate. Bush came up the following gem: "I tried to kick a little ass." 
  When he ran for the Republican presidential nomination against Reagan in 1980, Bush was a supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment. The ERA is a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution to formally and legally recognize and guarantee the equal rights and equal treatment of women and men. After becoming Vice President he became an ardent opponent of the ERA.
  Bush had vetoed the Family and Medical Leave Act twice. Finally he was opposed to a woman's right to choose.

  Perhaps the funniest and the only time Bush didn't lie in public was he famous and accurate denunciation of Reaganomics (Neoliberalism) as "Voodoo Economics". (Still note the subtle underlying racism of that line.) Yet as CIA director and later in the White House, Bush was the most ruthless defender of Neoliberalism.

  This is only a partial and hardly comprehensive political autopsy of George Herbert Walker Bush. What is clear is that Bush was nothing less than a gangster and thug. Bush was the worst example of a Yankee WASP. He was born into wealth a privilege. He grew up in one of the richest and oldest bourgeois towns in North America. He moved to Texas later in life. Bush was the personification of the American bourgeoisie: Reactionary, ignorant, arrogant, ruthless, dishonest, lacking in culture, lack of decency. His greatest political heir is not his son George W. Bush or Jeb Bush. His political heir is Donald Trump. Were it not for the actions of Bush as CIA director, Vice President and President with his open racism and misogyny, it would not have been politically or socially acceptable for a repulsive figure like Trump to occupy the White House. The only difference between the two is that Bush was mature and bourgeois while Trump is immature and petit bourgeois. While Bush got the masses addicted to Crack, Trump got the masses addicted to gambling.
  The death of George H.W. Bush is not to celebrate not because it's mean or immoral to do so. Rather it's because the damage that he's done is lasting. Even if he had been assassinated on the eve of the First Gulf War, the world would have still been fucked up. The opioid crisis and the mass addiction to narcotics today is the direct result of Bush. The millions of lives destroyed and lost from Argentina to Atlanta will not be recovered. The passing of Bush should be used to remember and mourn the victims of his crimes against humanity. 
 Fuck you George H.W. Bush. I hope that one day that I'll enjoy the inexplicable thrill of spitting, shitting and pissing on your grave.

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