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Can U Take It? Live at Beti Ford Belgrade Serbia 23/02/2014

Can U Take It?
Well can you?
Can U Take It?
Rapid Kinetik Elektrik Blue Sparks!

The future is now
No talk  no speculation
The present is all
With past as a compass
Through dimensions of 
Rapid Kinetik Elektrik
Interborough Rapid Transit
The letters
The symbols
The beats added rhythms
The side elektrik shoes
Painted stripes of blue 
The sparks flash
The lights go out
We rocket and tumble
The tunnel the rumble
On wheels of steel
Emergency brake handle sways
Back and forth
Forth and back
The bottom bounces up and down
Down and up
Two Green lights!
The switch is here!
The switch is clear!
Hold on grab a pole!
 We bounce on through
The lights go out
Brake handle pushed
Into the station
Slow it down
The cars are through
Express Downtown
This is 72nd Street.

What day is it?
It's night blind one.
What month is it?
It's a different month.
 What year is it?
It's the year Anti-Christ.
What time is it?
Time to wake up!
What is it?
It's a whatnot.
Why is it?
It's the will of it.
Who is it?
You are it!
Who are you?
I'm not you.

Where are you?
Show your face!
Take responsibility for what you've done!
Look around!
Was it worth it?
On top of the world.
Everyone killed.
Reign individual
The emotional plague
Dominate and conquer the empty space.
The vacuum in your grasp
You master of universe!

Can U Take It?
Rapid Kinetik Elektrik Blue Sparks!!!!!

Prior to Der Kosmonaut was
The IRT.
Can U See?
New York
Underground sounds

Can U Take It?


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