Saturday, March 09, 2019

STCUM Live @ Beti Ford Belgrade Serbia 23/02/2019

Dicks get erections
Missiles are launched
Patriots have sex with the flag
Dissidents are called stupid fags

Pledge allegiance to the Big Boss Man
The men that live high on the Hogg
The ones that inhabit down south outside of Atlanta
In a county called Cobb

Colonel Sanders fries the doves
Barbecues spare tires
Goodyear for rubber stamps

Bouncing cheques off cheeks of asses
Anal anus retains the shit not suitable for steer
Mid earth slaughterhouses of petty quarrels
Insignificant platitudes of testosterone

All praise and glory to St. Cum
Thank you St. Cum for making life sticky
Than you St. Cum for leaving a mess
Give thanks to St. Cum for the meal of drippy running eggs
Thank God that St. Cum is white
We give thanks to God that St. Cum
Provides the discharge of erect dicks and launched missiles
More white dicks and cum to fuck the world

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