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How The Far Left Has Aligned With Imperialism And Has Accomodated The Far Right

  By Der Kosmonaut 

  Something noteworthy to observe is what has become of the so-called radical left. One of my main criticisms of Anarchism is its embrace of Nihilism. Nihilism is the whip and the lash of capitalism. It has always perplexed me as to why
Anarchists have embraced such a destructive and self-destructive philosophy. I received the answer that question. As I wrote in "The Fall Of New York": Only I can come up with the answers to my own questions. With this investigation, simply observing Anarchists up close in Europe has been quite revealing.

   Anarchists have not only made their peace with imperialism but are actively providing imperialism with political and military support. This is not a new development but has been the case with Anarchism since the 70s. I first came upon this evidence when I lived in Berlin in 2007. I saw Anarchist graffiti all
over Berlin with the slogan "Solidarity With Israel" written in German
on the walls and lampposts of Berlin. Fast forward a few years later and
 encountered a group of Anarchists in Vienna that were militant Zionists. I
had at first dismissed this as something unique to the Germanics as a
result of guilt for the crimes of Nazism. However recently I discovered
that the preeminent American Anarchist Murray Bookchin was a rabid
Zionist and justified the war crimes of Israel and it's system of

   In the summer of 2015 I read an extraordinary article about how Anarchists that established the Rojava federation in Syria were not only receiving arms
and money from the Pentagon but were actually fighting shoulder to
shoulder with US military troops. This revelation shocked me. So much that I didn't believe it. I thought that it was a made up propaganda piece. But it was
confirmed to me in November 2018 at an Anarchist meeting that I attended
here in Belgrade of which a brief summary will be described.

  A Greek anarchist (Note: Not only are the Greek Anarchists reactionary
but they're racist as hell. At the Anarchist run Black Coffee Co-Op in Seattle I read a report detailing how African petty drug dealers were routinely assaulted, beaten and kicked out of Exarcheia, the Anarchist autonomous neighborhood of
Athens. Remarkably the Anarchist writer of the report flippantly dismissed these developments remarking how "that's just how it is"!) gave a multimedia presentation which included photos and videos of hundreds of Western, mostly white Anarchists, had joined the YPG to fight both Assad and ISIS. The Greek Anarchist, as all Anarchists who defend Rojava, defensively stated that they were not working with the CIA, which backs ISIS, but instead allied with the Pentagon which supposedly opposes  ISIS. He then came up with a new term that I have traced back to 2011 during the NATO overthrow of Qaddafi: "Knee-Jerk Anti-Imperialism". Today Anarchists use the terms "Anti-Imperialism" and
"Anti-Imperialists" as a pejorative. A basic elementary revolutionary
concept of the past century which had been used by Anarchists, Liberals and Marxists alike has been discarded and maligned. It was an elementary premise
that if one was an anti-capitalist, then one was logically an anti-imperialist. Even
Anarchists agreed with Lenin that imperialism was the highest form of capitalism. In the not do distant past there could be no anti-capitalist politics without being anti-imperialism. Now Anarchists view "anti-imperialists" as ideological enemies.

 But let's step back and examine this in a more general political context. Would any of these Anarchists the call Black Lives Matter movement "knee-jerk anti-racism"? How many would dare describe #MeToo as "knee-jerk
anti-sexism"? Would any describe same-sex marriage of "knee-jerk
anti-homophobia"? Of course they wouldn't! But now they have made their peace with imperialism, they are all too happy to denounce "knee-jerk anti-imperialists", in the same manner as those who criticize or question #MeToo as "rape apologists" or those who have serious reservations about promoting transsexualism to prepubescent children as "transphobic". The hypocrisy is staggering.

  Upon further research into the YPG I discovered exactly what the
Anarchists are doing and supporting. The Kurds and their reactionary
Western Anarchist "comrades" have engaged in a brutal campaign of ethniccleansing of Sunni Arabs in Rojava on the spurious grounds that since
they happened to be Sunni Arab, they were automatically pro-ISIS. The
Sunni Arabs have been ejected out only to be replaced by Kurds from other
parts of Syria and Turkey. This is nothing less than "ethnic cleansing" which is exactly what Anarchists denounce the Serbs for doing. At the same time they have deliberately turned a blind eye to the fact that Croat nationalists engaged in "ethnic cleansing" of Serbs during the 1990s. This is another example of hypocritical double standards. But I digress. The YPG and the Anarchists have rounded up all Sunni Arab males over the age of 12 and have imprisoned them in US military prison ie; concentration camps, where they were routinely tortured. This is justified on the spurious claim that since they were Sunni Arab males of fighting age, they must've been active ISIS fighters.  There you have it. Not only have Anarchists aligned themselves with American imperialism, they are also engaging in anti-Arab Muslim racism and ethnic cleansing. It should also be pointed that it's not only Sunni Arab Muslims that the YPG has targeted. It has also been carrying out the same ethnic cleansing campaign against Assyrian Christians and Yazidis.

  Despite my wholesale rejection of Stalinist methods. I wouldn't object to having these Anarchists that have gone to Syria summarily executed and those that actively support the YPG sentenced to the salt mines. I'm absolutely serious. I have never in my life encountered such political treachery and skulduggery.

   Unfortunately this isn't all that I've encountered about the
reactionary, pro-imperialist nature of contemporary Anarchism here in
Serbia. Over the course of a year I was on and off part of a
collective which had legally occupied the former yacht of both Tito and
the last king of Yugoslavia. I had quit the collective because of organizational disarray and political stupidity. Anarchists are full of baloney through and through. Despite their insistence of no hierarchy, hierarchies inevitably develop. Human beings are social animals and all social animals have hierarchy.
Hierarchy isn't inherently bad of itself. Anarchists simply lie to themselves by claiming that they lack hierarchy. The reason why I ultimately left the group was because they wanted to take money from the Rockefeller Foundation. I was absolutely livid and erupted at them. Incidentally there were members of the collective who took money from USAID, a well known CIA front organization, back in the 90s in opposition to Milosevic. Through their utter ignorance, they had no idea how they would be politically compromised by accepting money from the Rockefeller Foundation. As I explained to them, even if they were not actual employees of the CIA, the US Government or the Rockefeller Foundation, they would be discredited in the eyes of other serious revolutionary groups. All funds given by Rockefeller and USAID are public records that can easily be traced. Moreover, as the collective didn't legally own the boat and were using it by the kindness of the owner, they put the boat owner in jeopardy.

  However, despite my successful intervention to prevent the taking of
Rockefeller money (I mean really! It's incredible that self-described
revolutionaries can't understand how this is problematic!), the collective was hell bent on destroying their political credibility. The collective decided to host and sponsor a meeting on the boat with all the leaders of the national opposition parties. Aside from the fact that no serious revolutionary organization would arrange such a meeting in its space and under its auspices. even if such an event  included Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn ,the collective had to do something much worse than that. All of the Serbian opposition politicians are much, much, much, much worse than the incumbent president Aleksandar Vučić. Indeed, the main opposition leader that was invited by the collective is a far right wing nationalist! No one in Belgrade could believe it. Even the reactionary pro-imperialist Anarchists were aghast! The other politicians invited were in various degrees shades of Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich. The collective was so proud of itself how it had organized a meeting and platform for a panel of crooks, liars and far-right charlatans! It confirmed what I always thought about the de-facto leader of that collective. If Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić ever fell afoul of the US government, the leader of that collective would enthusiastically volunteer to join the CIA to bring Vučić down.

   In sum, European and American Anarchists today have made common cause
with the US government, the Pentagon and with various right wing
corporate foundations, not to mention segments of the far right. They actively support mass destruction and mass death, including anti-Arab, Islamophobic racism and ethnic cleansing. They form political alliances with right wing nationalists and neoliberals. They cloak their reactionary politics by supporting "gay rights", "trans rights" and "feminism". Their anti-racism is nothing
more than a disclaimer. With few exceptions I have encountered
racism in every Anarchist space and collective that I've been a part
off. The anti-racism is just a sign on the wall. When acts of racism
happen, the collective doesn't react. If anyone raises the issue of
racism, the Anarchists can point to their sign, throw up their hands and
absolve themselves of any responsibility. A decade ago I stated that the political Left was dead. Ten years later the political Left has merged with imperialism and the far right. It's a pity that the far Left didn't die and disappear. It was useless back then. Today it's become one of the deadliest forces in the world.

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